January 23, 2018

"Can a lawyer admit the guilt of a client who claims to be innocent?" 

ROBERT MCCOY had a plan. Facing murder charges in the deaths of his estranged wife’s mother, stepfather and teenaged son in Louisiana, Mr McCoy claimed he was out of town in Houston, Texas when the t...

January 19, 2018

Can a Lawyer Go Against Their Client's Wishes? The Supreme Court Will Decide

The Supreme Court is deliberating a case that could fundamentally reshape the relationship between an an attorney and their client. 

The case, McCoy v. Louisiana, looks at a decision m...

January 16, 2018

Larry English left the Louisiana courtroom knowing that he had tried his last criminal case.

His attempt to save his client’s life had failed. Over repeated objections from his client, Robert McCoy, who insisted on his innocence, Mr. English had told the jury that Mr. M...

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